Toddler Dance Calendar and Fees

Toddler Music and Dance Once-a-Week Classes with a Parent or Caregiver
Classes for 18-38 Months
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For children older than 3, we are suggesting you contact Destiny Devoted Dance, located in the SWE corner of Parker and Alma in Plano, 972-379-8161, Visit their web-site.

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Weekend Workshops and Summer Camps

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Why Our Classes Are Great for Your Child

Our instructors specialize in teaching engaging and developmentally appropriate curriculum for toddlers creating a class environment that allows your little one to explore movement and rhythm, be emotionally nurtured and socially enriched. Watch and enjoy the development and new milestones your child achieves in physical skills, growing confidence, and language ability. Our instructors receive ongoing training for the latest teaching techniques and love sharing with you. Be assured also that our staff are background-checked and CPR certified.

Our Parents Are Learning Too . . .

Our instructors share valuable tips during class time to parents to enable you to continue the magic at home and reinforce the concepts you and your child enjoy the most. Top international early childhood curriculum are selected to provide a great introduction to rhythm and movement for children just developing their coordination and provide developmentally appropriate activities fostering academic and social readiness for school.

Toddler Music and Dance Calendar

Classes meet 11 times each quarter for up to one hour (44 weeks per year). You may enter anytime during the year and enroll for a either a predetermined length of time or participate month to month: just give notice by the first of the month to discontinue the following month’s tuition installment. If your child is ready to advance to a pre-school level music class, you may do so on your child’s developmental schedule. Any tuition paid toward the toddler class would then be transferable to the pre-school music class.
Breaks are: the last week of October, the week of Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Christmas, Spring Break week in March (the same break as Plano ISD), Memorial Day Week, the week surrounding Independence Day, and one week in August.

Toddler Music and Dance Fees

Entry Registration: $35, Monthly Tuition: $74, Annual Materials: $39 (providing up to 4 quarterly music downloads), Annual Costume: $69.