What Parents and Students Are Saying

“Thank you for your investment in my daughter. You guys are awesome . . . always caring and skilled in teaching kids.”
– Jack Warren,
Parent of Voice and Guitar Student

“Brook’s dance classes have increased her strength and confidence. She performs in local theatre and started out not believing she is a dancer, but an actor and singer only. After a year of dance, her mind is now calibrated to absorb new dance steps, not just song lyrics, and she can pick up on choreography for her shows much faster because of her dance training. I love it!”
Kim Walls,
Grandmother of Brook Baker, Voice, Dance and Musical Theatre student

“Thank you so much for a wonderful year. Our daughters had a memorable experience with their first year of ballet.
God bless you!”

Jennifer Brown
– Academy Parent

“My daughter had dance class for 6 months at another studio before she came here and during that time she had never come home wanting to practice like she does now. She insists on showing me what she has learned in class and loves coming back every week.”
James Mauldin Hopkins