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Give the Gift that never stops giving – Purchase your gift cards today  (Holiday, birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby shower . . .)

When you purchase your gift cards – you get to choose the card design. Gift cards have flexible use: they can be applied toward any tuition, including group classes or private lessons*. They can also be applied toward many items including birthday parties, camps, summer camps, class materials fees, event tickets and registration fees. They can be purchased for current students, former students, or future students who have never enrolled with us (or may not even be born yet!) Gift cards can be used by students of all ages: we have classes for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, youth, teens, adults and seniors. They are good for a whole year!

*Minimum 3 month enrollment for group music classes and private lesson.

Music classes not only build skills that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, they are developmentally beneficial for students of all ages, building confidence, social and communication skills, and, as numerous studies document,  contribute to higher academic results. Your gift could encourage someone special in your life to discover unknown talents and reap rewards you never anticipated. You won’t regret fostering your child or friend loved one’s exploration into new artistic directions!

Purchase gift cards


D Ballet copy 2

This first year dance student from Allen, TX, developed the confidence to perform a solo her first time on a professional stage on our year-end showcase.

1st year theatre student from Murphy, TX learning to mime.

1st year theatre student from Murphy, TX learning to mime at summer camp.