Music Lessons for Kids Ages 5 to Adult

Private Lessons

Enjoy one-on-one instruction with a university-trained instructor of your choice on your favorite instrument or develop your singing technique with voice lessons. For your weekly lesson time you can come either after school, after work or on Saturdays. There are even some weekday morning times. Included in your private lesson tuition is one weekly music lesson, a group class during make-up week twice per year and at least three recital opportunities per year, optional but encouraged for all.

Students practice at home starting with about 10 minutes per day, progressing in the first year up to 20-30 minutes a day for a moderate pace. We encourage parents of young students to sit in on a portion of their child’s lesson each week and learn tips on how you can help your child practice at home. Students who wish to progress at a faster pace add a group class each week.

How do you choose which instrument you’d like to learn? Some of the instruments we teach are listed below. You are welcome to visit the studio and view one or more lessons. Call us at 972-414-3000 to schedule your complimentary observation. We try to find a student for you to observe who is close to your age (or the age of your child) and who has been taking for at least 6 months to a year so you can see where you or your child can be in that time.

When you enroll, we guide you on how best to obtain an instrument for at-home practice. With the exception of pianos and keyboards, you’ll bring your own instrument to the lesson along with your books — that’s it! At our facility we provide pianos, electric keyboards, music stands, adjustable benches and footstools so students of all sizes and ages can be comfortable and well-positioned for their lessons.
Music lessons for kids to adults are available on piano, guitar, voice (singing), violin, and cello.

Voice (Singing)

Children’s and Youth Choir

Bands and Theory/Performance Classes

Group Piano and Guitar Classes for Beginners