Music Calendar and Music Lesson Fees

Music Calendar and Music Lesson Fees

Aug. 2017 – Aug 2018


August 7-12 School Break
2018 14 (Mon) Classes and Lessons Resume


Septeber 4 (Mon) Labor Day, School Break (Mon only)


October 9-15 Bring A Friend Week
30-Nov 5 Make-Up Week: GROUP Classes for ALL (No Regular Private Lessons)


November 21-25 (Tue-Sun) Thanksgiving Holiday – Studio Closed Tuesday thru Sunday
TBA Private Lesson Student Recitals


December TBA Student and Faculty Concert and Reception
Th 21 – Jan 3 Christmas and Winter Holiday Break – Studio Closed


January 4 (Thu) Classes and Lessons Resume
2016 15-21 Bring A Friend Week


March 12-17 Spring Break (with PISD and WISD)
  TBA Private Lesson Student Recitals


April 9-14 Bring A Friend Week


May 28 (Mon only) Memorial Day Break
  29-Jun 2 (T-Sa) Make-Up Week: GROUP Classes for ALL (No Regular Private Lessons)


June TBA Student Appreciation Day
  TBA Faculty and Student Recitals and Concerts


July 2-8 (Mon-Sun) Independence Day Break, Classes Resume Mon July 9


August 6-12 (Mon-Sun) August Break, Classes Resume Mon Aug 13

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Music Lesson Fees                    Tuition and fees subject to change prior to enrollment. Rev. 8/1/17

Registration per student $35 No additional registration fees for continuously enrolled students.

Each class meets once per week. Enrollment is continuous unless the School office is notified in writing otherwise. The Academy Music Calendar includes Classes and lessons that meet 44 weeks each year, plus 2 bonus make-up weeks of group classes each year. Three monthly installments of the music lesson fees covers 11 weeks of instruction, therefore no tuition is charged for the bonus weeks or the 6 weeks of Academy break. Music lesson fees and tuition do not cover instruments, supplies or books.

All tuition rates below are monthly, via AUTOPAY

½-hour private music lesson            135.

45-minute private lesson                    199.

1-Hour private lesson                           265.

Infant Music/Toddler Music & Dance    59.       Sibling, same Class: 20.

Music Theory                                             64.*

Beginning Group Piano (30-45min) Ages 5-9  74.     If taking with Private Lessons: 64.*

Rock, House, Jazz or Garage Band (75 min)  89.      If taking with Private Lessons: 79.*

Vocal Ensemble                                    74.

Piano or String Theory/Performance (30-45min)  74.     With Private Lessons:      64.*

String Orchestra                               74.     With Private Lessons:      64.*

Young Artist Advanced Chamber (1 Hour)      89.      With Private Lessons:      79.*

*Group class tuition quoted is in addition to the applicable private lesson tuition.

Ongoing monthly rates above are only available via credit card or bank draft autopay, 3 month minimum; or cash or check payment for a minimum of 6 months enrollment. Receive a 5% discount for one annual payment with cash or check. Other payment plans incur higher rates. Note: All annual fees must be paid at time of registration. Supplies, books and incidentals are purchased separately. To cancel scheduled monthly automatic payments, advance written notice on a School Withdrawal form is required on or before the 1st of the month preceding the scheduled payment. All fees are non-refundable. No credits for absences.


Private lesson students: join our Young Artist Classes (Classic, Jazz, Rock, and more) and perform in a group or band on a professional stage and in the community ♦ Earn State Theory Exam Medal  ♦ Solo at Ribbon Festivals ♦ Learn and Perform at Workshops. There are many options to choose from!

Instruments and Supplies

The Academy does not sell or rent instruments, but recommends reliable sources and provides guidance to students in obtaining appropriate instruments and materials. Each student needs their own instrument for home practice. The cost is not included in your music lesson fees or tuition.

Performances, Awards and Practice Incentives
We help you keep motivated to accomplish your potential with a large number of performance opportunities, practice rewards, and achievement awards. (Some of these are included in your music lesson fees and tuition). The Texas Music and Dance Academy has more recitals, festivals and other performance opportunities than any other studio in the area. Join our growing family of budding young artists and pursue your dreams!

Music Faculty

Our instructors specialize in teaching young children and have extensive experience teaching older children and adults from the beginning through advanced levels. Their credentials include university training and degrees in music performance, pedagogy, and/or music education, professional teaching in elementary, secondary schools and colleges, and professional performing experience. Our teachers are trained in a variety of methods. We’ll choose the best approach individually for each private student based on an assessment on his or her unique learning style.


Parents: Take your own music lesson! Or join the fun and learn along with your child. You are recommended to sit in on at least the last 15 minutes of your child’s music lesson or class and take notes. We’ll help you become a valuable partner in your child’s development as a musician.