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Make-Up Week and Group Lab Week
Saturday October 29 – Friday Nov. 4
Come in costume if you’d like!
This is a week of extra bonus classes and group labs compliments of the Academy. These classes are in addition to the normal school term. You are not charged for these classes — but DO ATTEND — they are very valuable!

  ➡ ➡ Reminder: Regular private lessons are not held on those dates, All Private Lesson Students: choose a Theory/Performance Lab from the list below. Private Lessons Resume Sat. Nov. 5.

All Group students: your make-up class meets at its usual time. Do attend, even if you weren’t absent.

Private Student Labs serve as your make-up for any private lessons for which you were unable to give us at least 24-hour notice of your absence.  All private students should come – even if you weren’t absent in the past. Bring all your books – this is a valuable experience.

Students RSVP to reserve their lab time by either calling 972-414-3000 (Voice mail is 24/7) or emailing the office or signing up at the studio.

Students may also make-up private lessons for which notice of absence was given to the office at least 24 hours in advance. You must call or email the office to qualify a missed lesson as eligible for a make-up, verbal notice during lessons won’t.

Twice a year in the fall and in the spring we have these make-up weeks scheduled and they are in addition to your normal term.

Lab times are as follows, They will be about 40-50 minutes in length, depending on attendance:


Day Date Lab Start Time Room
Mon 10/31/16 4:45 PM B
Tue 11/1/16 5:30 PM B
Wed 11/2/16 5:45 PM B
Thu 11/3/16 6:30 PM B
Fri 11/4/16 5:30 PM B


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